The overall objective is to strengthen relationship between the College and its alumni. We hope
a strong relationship will be of mutual benefit and to the
glory of God’s Kingdom. 

Research has shown that many people hear about the College through others. The alumni are asked to testify about the College to others. There could be formal or informal ways of achieving that.

The association will facilitate the process of getting feedback from alumni regarding theological training we offer. Among others, the issues will be of content and approach. That will help to further enrich the training we offer.

The association will be forum for sharing of experiences and lessons amongst College graduates. They will also share praise and prayer items. It will be a matter of peer learning.

The alumni will take the initiative or be asked to raise funds for specific projects or general donation towards budget. For instance, one or a group of alumni can paint a room, fix beds, buy library books, pay for landscaping or buy water taps

The College will be able to identify ministry needs and find ways of meeting them. It could be through organising refresher courses for alumni in all areas including family life. Through the Association, it will be easier for the College to gather alumni together in designated places for the courses.



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