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The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi is a Christian college that aims at training Christian men and women in the knowledge of the Lord and of the Scriptures, together with other relevant subjects, with a view to providing suitable leaders and workers for the Christian Church.


An evangelical Christian community in Malawi led by vibrant, mature, biblical servant-leaders who are fully equipped to impact the church and the world for the furtherance of Christ’s kingdom and glory.


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The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi is registered with the Malawi National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). The college’s new Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry and Bachelor of Christian Ministry programmes were also registered in 2019.

The old Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry and the Certificate of Biblical Studies (in English) were accredited with the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) in 2004 and 2016. The older Diploma programme is done in connection with the Board for Theological Studies and the University of Malawi.

Why Choose Us?

Know our advantages over others in the same

High Quality Library

Learning resources are available that cant found in other schools

Unmatched Expertise

We offer higher standards that can't be compared with others

Precise Result

We are result orientated institution

Qualified Staff

We have highly quality staff from well known universities

Meet Our Expert Team

Know our staffs

Rev S.G Mphongolo


Chimwemme H. Katumbi

Academic Dean/Head of Extension/Lecturer

Demister K. Molten


Chimwemwe Kaweta

AdmInistrative Assistant

Rev Katiyi Banda

Chaplain/ Dean of Students/Lecturer

Hellen Nyimba

Account Assistant

Mark Nyamayao


Lemska Manda

Women coordinator/Lecturer

Alinafe Chauwa

Administrative Assistant

Gift Charles Moyo

Assistant Librarian

Support staffs

Muotcha, Raphael

Maintenance Officer

Mateyu, Mark​

Chief Cook

Phaleya, Emmanuel

Security Supervisor

Jiva, Mary

Children for Jesus
Preschool Headteacher


EBCoM celebrates the richness of its cultural diversity brought by a team of faculty and staff from many different nations (currently Japan, Malawi, South Africa, UK and USA). If you feel that God is calling you to serve with us at EBCoM, we would love to hear from you and to explore the possibilities.

It is important to note that all of our expatriate workers are received by EBCoM as donors of their service. This means they must secure all necessary finances for their living from their own supporters, and that they must make their own arrangements for any other needs that they may have (e.g. housing, transport). 

For this reason, nearly all of our expatriate personnel come to us through international mission organisations such as Brethren in Christ US World MissionsServing In Mission (SIM) and Zambesi Mission.